Daniel Thomas Matric. Hr. Sec. School.

Chennai / Nellai

Holiday Assignment

Date Day Morning Afternoon Evening Video Link Action
1-May Friday Get up early in the morning and watch how the sky is. Let the child button and unbutton the shirt. It helps the child to dress up themselves Read story books with your Parents . VIDEO Click here to open
2-May Saturday Help the children to prepare Idly for morning breakfast. Sorting and paring house hold items, likes plates,glasses,etc Encourage your child to dress up by themselves. VIDEO Click here to open
3-May Sunday Feel the fresh air. Take a deep breath and do breathing exercises. Allow the child to fold the clothes. Let the child do free hand drawing of their own choice. VIDEO Click here to open
4-May Monday Encourage your child to comb the hair by himself/ herself. Let the child select the story book to read. Help the child to learn simple sentence. Eg: May I fill the water bottles.. VIDEO Click here to open
5-May Tuesday Familiarize the child with colours inside the house. Make the child to do join the dots. Parents can give pattern and make ur child to do in papers. Show the child different shapes and help him to make five objects using different shapes. VIDEO Click here to open
6-May Wednesday Read story aloud to the children. Let the child watch educational TV channels like Discovery, Animal planet etc... Encourage your child to make his/ her own bed. VIDEO Click here to open
7-May Thursday Find three things in your house that starts with letter 'B' and draw them. Allow the child to open and close different containers. Let the child flip the pages of a book. VIDEO Click here to open
8-May Friday Help the children to read alphabets with phonetic sounds (LKG) Help the children to read Alphabets, two or three letter words. ( UKG) Cut the pictures into pieces from Magazine or newspaper and allow your child to solve the puzzle. Show some pictures or objects and let ur child to recognize the first letter and write. VIDEO Click here to open
9-May Saturday Do simple exercises Play Hide and Seek with your family members. Play with your child using the ball. Help them to throw, catch, kick and dribble the ball. VIDEO Click here to open
10-May Sunday Let the child carry a cup of water and make them to climb upstairs and downstairs without spilling it. Let your child look and talk about a picture from their birth time. Let the child arrange for the dining and put back the plates in the sink after eating. VIDEO Click here to open
11-May Monday Dancing activities can be performed . Help the child to enact a story. Using pencil shaving, do a Craft work. VIDEO Click here to open
12-May Tuesday Assist the child to mop the floor. Let the child use spoon and fork while eating. Teach the colours of the rainbow and let the child shade the colours on the paper. VIDEO Click here to open
13-May Wednesday Do Yoga with your kids and practice it everyday. Let the child prepare lemon juice. Spend time with your grand parents . VIDEO Click here to open
14-May Thurday Let the child draw their favourite cartoon picture and colour it. Do counting activities. Parents can draw simple pictures on the paper and make the child to count. Addition and Subtraction activities can be practiced by UKG children. Tamil letter practice can be given for children. LKG: Uyir ezhuthukal . UKG: Uyir ezhuthukal and Mei ezhuthukal. VIDEO Click here to open
15-May Friday Hop and stand on one foot for few seconds and do it at regular intervals. Identify the things in the different room of your house and play memory games with your parents and sibling. Drink a glass of milk every night. VIDEO Click here to open
Date Day Morning Forenoon Afternoon Evening Video Link Action
7.05.2020 THUR Brain Fitness Excercise Prepare Lemonade Arrange The Book Shelf Learn about God's Creation Video Click here to open
8.05.2020 FRI 5 Minute Excercise MakeVegetable Salad watch discovery kids channel Head, Shoulders- Action Song Video Click here to open
9.05.2020 SAT learn the song Deep Deep Deep Helping Parents in Doing chores write a story in Tamil /English Team Building Fun Game Video Click here to open
10.05.2020 SUN Fun Exercise Drawing From Numbers Watch A Movie -AppreciateAnimals play snake and ladder with family Video Click here to open
11.05.2020 MON Gymnastics Conditioning Finger Maths Make a Simple Water Dispenser Interesting GK session with grand parents Video Click here to open
12.05.2020 TUE Morning Masti Exercise Shoot a video‐ News Reading Learn Phonics Family Fun traditional Games Video Click here to open
13.05.2020 WED Sun salutation and yoga with animals Help your mom to clean and arrange the ingredients for lunch Make a paper gun Play some board games Video Click here to open
14.05.2020 THUR Good morning song. (Pink fong) Learn how to see the time Wash your hands song Watch a movie with your family Video Click here to open
15.05.2020 FRI Sit or stand near the balcony close your eyes and listen to the sounds List out the food items names in tamil 7 Handy Palm art Sit and read a story with your family. (tamil or english) Video Click here to open
16.05.2020 SAT Exercise Any available toy to dismantle and assemble it Clean the table after lunch with your mom Cooking without fire Video Click here to open
17.05.2020 SUN Pray ( Say thank you God) Play word game Using waste cloth to make a mask with help of your parents Speak only in tamil for 3 hours with your family members Video Click here to open
18.05.2020 MON Morning kids workout Do buds painting ( Rainbow tree) Prepare lemon juice Pray for the world Video Click here to open
19.05.2020 TUE brisk walking on the terrace help mom in peeling onion, garlic and rinsing greens learn a new animal song become a store keeper and do money transaction Video Click here to open
20.05.2020 WED skipping house keeping draw picture with numbers listen to a story Video Click here to open
21.05.2020 THUR learn a new prayer song follow the movement of shadow and sun every hour make a sock puppet watch a puppet show Video Click here to open
22.05.2020 FRI simple exercises write a purchase list for you prepare for a puppet show entertain your family with puppet show Video Click here to open
23.05.2020 SAT observe the morning sky draw a morning scenery make a kite on your own fly the kite and enjoy Video Click here to open
Date Day Morning Forenoon Afternoon Evening Video Link Action
7.05.2020 THUR Fun exercise Memorize 2 thirukural and learn the meaning Keep grains for the birds Play pallanguzki game with your father/ mother Video Click here to open
8.05.2020 FRI yoga for 10 mins Make a moving paper fish/ paper craft. Watch the video Write five new vocabulary in your vocabulary note. Practice swaras in carnatic music Video Click here to open
9.05.2020 SAT Listen to a song and move your body Pray for our nation. Clean the kitchen with your sibling Prepare fruit salad share and eat Video Click here to open
10.05.2020 SUN Plant corriander and mustard seed Arrange your Toys. Put the vegetable waste in plant pots. Keep food for ants -observe the ant's activities and write it down Video Click here to open
11.05.2020 MON Observe the different sounds of nature early in the morning Whenever you drink a glass of water, draw a line on a chart Prepare a menu card for lunch Play snake and ladder game Video Click here to open
12.05.2020 TUE Healthy eating song Clean your father/ mother's vehicle. Take two dice and roll them together , then either add the values that face up or subtract them. Read a story for your parents Video Click here to open
13.05.2020 WED Prepare bread sandwich Wipe door latches and fridge handle with disinfectant cleaner learn from your parent how to make some paper chain designs. Try to mimicry your favourite cartoon characters Video Click here to open
14.05.2020 THUR Do Jumping Jacks 15 times Arrange your book shelf Learn how to draw and paint thumbprint Make - origamy balloon Video Click here to open
15.05.2020 FRI zumba Make a sundial with paper plate and straw. Keep it on the terrace and note the time and position of the shadow at speecific intervals. Sit with your parent and see the family photo album draw a circle, keep some seeds in the middle and blow the seeds out of the circle Video Click here to open
16.05.2020 SAT Meditation Creative Drawing watch the video Write any 5 new words in your vocabulary note brisk walking on the terrace and observe the sky Video Click here to open
17.05.2020 SUN Prepare healthy poridge with your mom and drink Learn a new prayer from your parent Help your mom in preparing lunch Play minutes to win game Video Click here to open
18.05.2020 MON Water the coriander plants. Clean the plates and tumblers after breakfast Wear mask and buy fruits cart in your street. Play seven conttinents song Video Click here to open
19.05.2020 TUE Simple Aerobics List out the cooking vessels names in tamil Walk across your house - Observe and write 10 new things you are seeing for the first time Play 5 stones game. Video Click here to open
20.05.2020 WED Morning kids workout Wash your hands with soap, after cleaning your play area Write the menu for a week (Lunch) Play - Police - Thief game games with points Video Click here to open
21.05.2020 THUR Calming Exercises for Kids Just a minute talk on a topic of your choice - Take video Thread the beadss - Set timer and do in one mminute Write the names of your class mates in attendance order - Memory game Video Click here to open
22.05.2020 FRI Good morning song ( pink fong) Learn how to see time Fill in the water bottles. Decorate your house with colour papers. Video Click here to open
23.05.2020 SAT Wash channa and prepare channa sprout - for veg, salad. Practice Tables- 2, 3 Listen to the song. If you are happy and you know…. Do the action, with your parents/Siblings Say a prayer for the people who keep our environment clean. Video Click here to open
Date Day Morning Forenoon Afternoon Evening Video Link Action
6.05.2020 WED Zumba kids - Electronic song Help your mom set the table for break fast Using eggshell make an angry bird. Take a new notebook and write your daily routine Video Click here to open
7.05.2020 THUR Fitness workout Arrange the things in the proper places. Learn one thirukural a day with its meaning. Take 5,10 rupee coins and trace it Video Click here to open
8.05.2020 FRI Body boogie -action song and dance Read tables 2,3,4,5,10 In April month calender circle the odd number tick the even number Fold laundry and separate them in proper order Video Click here to open
9.05.2020 SAT Look around the nature Watch the sunrise Collect few leaves/ twigs and spray paint Watch the sunset Video Click here to open
10.05.2020 SUN Dance - I' m a Gummy Bear Make a library corner Learn to make any two paper origami Play Hopscotch http://youtu.be/6Q7-tzCCh3w"> Video Click here to open
11.05.2020 MON In a circle walk backward for 20 count Take out all those old magazines and text books and cut out any parts you want . Make an art work using coconut shell Read aloud! Story book reading Video Click here to open
12.05.2020 TUE Plant a seed Make a list of electrical appliances and their brand name Bulls-eye Toss, Draw a dart-board on the ground and stand at a distance. Now toss a wet sponge /cloth onto the board as close as possible to the bulls-eye. Give points accordingly. Enact -> your favourite cartoon character http://youtu.be/tkFPyue5X3Q"> Video Click here to open
13.05.2020 WED Zumba - Hip Hop Write a poem on "My Mother" Prepare a menu card Decode the message - Write a message to your dad and substitute with alphabet, numbers, signs.Let your dad rack his brain to find the right message. http://youtu.be/RoYxG0avSfY"> Video Click here to open
14.05.2020 THUR Balance on your right foot for 10 count Prepare Chapathi with your dad& mom Make a Mask using hand kerchief Interview your grandparents http://youtu.be/aQ2Vco_giiE"> Video Click here to open
15.05.2020 FRI Meditate Skipping with rope Make a bouquet out of paper flowers Prepare your favourite snack http://youtu.be/CvF9AEe-ozc"> Video Click here to open
16.05.2020 SAT Practice walking-20 mins brisk and continuous walk Learn a magic trick Virtual tour to ancient cities - Follow the link. Discover your roots ! Tracing family tree can bring memories of distant relatives. http://youtu.be/EaQr917IRgI"> Video Click here to open
17.05.2020 SUN Be a genius! Finger Fitness to improve memory Learn first aid steps for any 3 common problems. Watch a documentary film - Adolf Hitler. Sew a Teddy bear using some socks or old T-shirt. Video Click here to open
18.05.2020 MON Write tables in a reverse order to improve mental maths Make a guitar out of a carton box and rubber bands. Visit the NewYork's MOMA - Follow the link. Brush up! Note down the latest development in your area. Video Click here to open
19.05.2020 TUE Test your recall. Make a list of thingss and recall it after an hour. Pen it! Prepare a song on your own. Go to Montery Bay Aquarium - Follow the link. Video chats ! With your favourite relative. Video Click here to open
20.05.2020 WED Do meditation. Learn how to wish or say thank you in different international languages Listen to your favourite song and dance. Paint with Bob Ross Video Click here to open
21.05.2020 THUR Stretch out! Yoga class to make your body and mind fit. Learn how to jump rope clean your book rack Cook something new with left over rice with your mother. http://youtu.be/VaoV1PrYft4"> Video Click here to open
22.05.2020 FRI Have a workout with Joe wickes. Food is a medicine. List out 10 medicinal foods that increase immune system. Try to make a bird feeder with waste plastic bottles and feed the birds Play on board game. http://youtu.be/5nZ2iBGvFhE"> Video Click here to open
23.05.2020 SAT Figure out the maths problems without the aid of pencil,paper. You can do mental maths by walking and running also. Build your language (English) fluency. Converse in English Non stop for a minute with your brother,sister and pass Do puppet show. Create a story on your own and perform it to your family members.(Include them too) Read a classic children's book out loud . Video Click here to open
Date Day Morning Forenoon Afternoon Evening Video Link Action
6.05.2020 WED zumba prepare beetroot juice find the nutrients which present in vegetables and explain to your parents watering the plants Video Click here to open
7.05.2020 THUR Simple exercise prepare fruit salad Clean your shelf do some simple craft using waste materials Video Click here to open
8.05.2020 FRI skipping help your mom to prepare for lunch make a spinner with cardbord and string prepare a cake using bourbon biscuits Video Click here to open
9.05.2020 SAT meditation read news paper ( English / tamil) help your mom to serve food for your family members Play carrom Video Click here to open
10.05.2020 SUN yoga prepare carrot juice arrange the things in the fridge learn easy tables tricks Video Click here to open
11.05.2020 MON aerobics collect some general informations and note down in your dairy make a biography of your family members business game Video Click here to open
12.05.2020 TUE dance for a song read a story book conduct a game show go to terrace and draw a scenery Video Click here to open
13.05.2020 WED claim up and get down from the staircase for two times learn new words and find the meanings with the help of dictionary make a comic out of any one of the popular story sow a new vegetable seeds and and water it daily ( tomato, ladysfinger etc ) Video Click here to open
14.05.2020 THUR jog in a place prepare a list of spices and its uses imagine you have landed a space craft on a new planet. write a story about the planet. chess Video Click here to open
15.05.2020 FRI Zumba converse in English with your family members and listen to English news daily make a collage based on advertisements of health product. give a suitable title. sensory walk game Video Click here to open
16.05.2020 SAT Do simple exercise for 10 mins Draw a route map from your home to your school make a cake using available biscuits at home make a treasure bottle Video Click here to open
17.05.2020 SUN learn new prayer songs from your parent Create your own bingo cards and have a bingo tournament shoot a video with your mother on any part of her days work draw a pie chart on your family expense(eg. House rent, provision, vegetables,fruits, etc) Video Click here to open
18.05.2020 MON Can do meditation fro 10 to 15 mins Make paper airplanes and see how it files Make pineapple juice along with your mother Create a family tree with your fathers help Video Click here to open
19.05.2020 TUE Can pray for the peoples who got affected by COVID-19 and for poor people Write a story on your favourite cartoonist Make chocolate balls using available biscuits Fold clothes together and arrange it Video Click here to open
20.05.2020 WED Can do Zumba for being fit for 10 to 15 mins Write a letter to your cousin Make paper bracelets using colour papers and gift to your parents Can play carrom, snake & ladder Video Click here to open
21.05.2020 THUR can help your mother in preparing breakfast Write an article about your school Make a puppet and do a puppet show Clean out your closets Video Click here to open
22.05.2020 FRI Wake up at morning and see the sunrise share your feelings with your father Can prepare lemon juice and serve to all Can write few lines about each person in the family and share with the family Draw a garden and colour it Video Click here to open
23.05.2020 SAT Can do yoga for 10 to 15 mins Read a story and narrate it can prepare vegetable salad with mother can make pen satnd using card boards Video Click here to open
Date Day Morning Forenoon Afternoon Evening Video Link Action
6.05.2020 WED Perform a dance step after saying each table from 2 to 7 Prepare a vegetable salad with the available vegetables and talk about the importance With the help of atlas, write down the oceans and continents of the world states of India - How to remember watch the video Video Click here to open
7.05.2020 THUR Play a 'Meow' game along with your family members shout "Meow" when you come across the multiples of 5 [ start from 1 to 100] Arrange your living room & shelf along with your sister or brother and decorate it. Draw the life cycle of butterfly & label its parts and display in your shelf Know about DINOSAURS by viewing the video Video Click here to open
8.05.2020 FRI Help your mother to prepare morning breakfast and speak about the ingrediants Draw a beautiful scenary and decorate it with woolen thread, cotton or button etc Play word - building game [Place, things ,animals ,person] along with your family members Know about our solar system watch the video Video Click here to open
9.05.2020 SAT Draw a Rangoli pattern in your verandah and decorate with colour powders Imagine, you have been asked to spread awareness about "corona"before camera: Prepare and speak in English Sit in a circle and recite one Thirukural in turns for 5 rounds How vaccines work -watch the video Video Click here to open
10.05.2020 SUN With the help of your mother prepare a breakfast dish and write about the recipe Prepare a fruit salad with the available fruits & serve to your family members Findout any 5 new words from your story book and find its meaning using dictionary Solve the puzzle by viewing the video Video Click here to open
11.05.2020 MON Perform a warming up exercise atleast 10 times after saying each table [8 to 12] take a trip to virtual zoo - singapore watch the video Prepare a flower vase using a plastic bottle, colour papers and glitters snap photo of the birds, trees , plants in your surrounding Video Click here to open
12.05.2020 TUE Take few objects of different shapes & tell its formula of Area & Perimeter before the camera and share it. Search through the youtube and prepare your favourite sweet or snack along with your mother Stay beside your mother while she prepares the lunch and describe the way of preparation in your own words solve "Geometry Riddles " with the help of the video link Video Click here to open
13.05.2020 WED Play the word build game [ start with the ending letter] Pet- top - pen along with your brother or sister Read the third lesson in your English book and list out the verbs in the alphabetical order. Work out an experiment with the water and explain it before your parents Enjoy solving the puzzle " seven Up" from the video Video Click here to open
14.05.2020 THUR Find out 15 pairs of homo-phones and write it down in different colours in A4 sheet Draw the layers of atmosphere in a big chart & colour it & name it. Collect the seeds of different vegetables & fruits available in your house, dry it & stick it inside a circle black chart learn what is leaf propogation with the help of the video and try Video Click here to open
15.05.2020 FRI Get the information about "Arokiya Sedu" from your parents and write an article about its uses Prepare a model of dam with the waste things available in your house Write a story out of your imagination & narrate it before your parents Work out the puzzle from the video Video Click here to open
16.05.2020 SAT Warm up arrange the bed and keep it clean Play an indoor game Carrom Journal - How did you spend the day and pray for your family Video Click here to open
17.05.2020 SUN Meditation eat healthy breakfast and clean the vessel Simple and easy drawing ideas - cute drawing Journal - Today's weather - pray for friends Video Click here to open
18.05.2020 MON Warm up Roberta's gym arrange your cloth cupboard Imitate like a news reporter and gather information on any topic of your choice. Journal - your parents childhood day - pray for your relatives Video Click here to open
19.05.2020 TUE zumba warm up.vijaya tupurav prepare a vegatable salad with your parents help Play an indoor game - passing the secret Journal -Why mask is so important? Pray for health workers Video Click here to open
20.05.2020 WED yoga reset your cloth cupboard Easy Maths working model.Follow the link Journal - the healthy food to be taken . Pray for all people in the world Video Click here to open
21.05.2020 THUR skipping upto 50 know your relatives through your family album Safari ride: Follow the link Journal - Stay home : Stay safe. Pray for infected person Video Click here to open
22.05.2020 FRI easy home work out routine Learn any one traditional game from your grand parent Fairy tale - 12 dancimg princess - Follow link Journal - How many animals you see in safari ride Video Click here to open
23.05.2020 SAT Observe the rising sun and the nature Learn Doodle art Make a frame with waste carton box to fix your doodle art Observe the night sky ,, the stars and the constellation Video Click here to open
Date Day Subject Forenoon Afternoon Evening Video Details
01 May 2020 Fri ENGLISH Write the rhyming words for the following: 1.Behind 2.Perfect 3.Announce 4.Bounce 5.Speak Prepare 7 to 10 lines on " My Favourite Person". Where and with whom have you felt safe and cared for? Write few lines about it. VIDEO Click here to open
02 May 2020 Sat TAMIL 1. Name your favourite scientific things(any 5) in Tamil. 2. If you have a robot, for what purpose do you use it? Think and answer. 1. Guess these 10 Tamil word puzzle (Munna Tamil TV) YouTube. 2. Find 15 city names in Tamil Nadu (Munna Tamil TV) YouTube. 1. Write the names of any birds which you see around your house(tamil). 2. Write the names of Aimperum kappiyam. Click here to open
03 May 2020 Sun MATHS 1. Write all prime numbers less than 100. 2. Express 48 as sum of two odd primes. 3. Using divisibility test determine whether 218750 is divisible by 6, by 8, by 9. 1. Write the factor tree for 84. 2. Write the composite numbers between 30 and 50. 3. Find the LCM of 20,24,45. 1. Draw a circle and show it’s a) centre b) diameter c) radius d) chord e) arc. 2. Draw a quadrilateral PQRS and state a) two pairs of opposite sides b) two pairs of opposite angles. 3. Learn how to make any size magic square using this video. VIDEO Click here to open
04 May 2020 Mon SCIENCE 1) Why most fruits taste sweet? But most vegetables like lady finger, brinjal, potato, raw banana etc., do not? 2) Why fruits like gooseberry, grapes, orange taste sour? 3) Make a photo collage of restaurant minutes with your family. 1) Separate the insects, dead worms and excreta in rice or wheat and help your mother. 2) Think of a method which is to be applied to study the water absorption capacity of the fabrics. 3) Arrange the fabrics in the descending order for water absorption. 1) Observe and write down lustrous & non lustrous materials in your home. 2)Show the states in India map where jute and coconut plants are grown. 3) How many breeds of dogs do you know? How kennel club’s group them? VIDEO Click here to open
05 May 2020 Tue SOCIAL Our National Anthem : 'Jana Gana Mana' 1) Translate it in English 2) Mention when it is was sung first 3) What are the languages specified in it ? Civic Act : 1) What is RTI ? 2) How to apply for it ? 3) What are the other rights you can enjoy as a citizen ? 1) Make a treasure Map with your friend : 2) State the architectural differences between Iron pillar and Great stupa at sanchi ? 3) Flow chart : Different empires in India VIDEO Click here to open
06 May 2020 Wed ENGLISH Convert the following words from American English to British English. 1.Garbage can 2.Movie 3.Appartment 4.Sick 5.Store Make a meaningful sentence using the following adjectives brave,calm,eager,beautiful,bright. Write the three forms of degrees of comparison for big,old,thin,young,fast. VIDEO Click here to open
07 May 2020 Thu TAMIL 1. Write any 5 riddles(tamil). 2. Write five medicinal plants name(tamil). 3. Write about a dish for cooking without fire(tamil). Puzzle! 1.Guess these 10 vegetables name(Munna TV,YouTube). 2.Find these 15 fruits names Tamil quiz(Munna TV,YouTube). 3.Spot the difference. Tamil games and puzzles(Munna TV,YouTube). 1.List out the work you do at home(In Tamil). 2.Write the hospital names near your house. Click here to open
08 May 2020 Fri MATHS 1. Define a regular polygon. Draw an example. 2. Give two examples of each from your daily life: Cuboid, Cube, Cone, Cylinder and Sphere. 3. Draw and colour the types of triangle on the basis of angles. 1. Which direction will you face if you start facing a) South and make one full revolution? b) East and make half of a revolution clockwise? 2. A bicycle wheel makes four and a half turns. Find the number of right angles through which it turns. 3. The given video shows a math game(Tic-Tac-Toe) using the numbers. Learn it and play with your family members. 1. Which integer is neither positive nor negative? 2. The sum of two integers, one of which is -19 is -56. Find the other integer. 3. Raja deposited Rs.5500 in his account on Monday and he withdrew Rs.3850 on Tuesday. Next week he again deposited Rs.1285. What was his balance in his account? VIDEO Click here to open
09 May 2020 Sat SCIENCE 1) A farmer wants to put wire fence around his farm. How can you help him to estimate how much wire is needed? 2) Observe the motion of the things in your surroundings and categorize their motion. 3) How do you decide whether a fan is moving faster or slower. 1) Imagine and write your views on quality of life without electricity. 2) How much water should be stored for your family, when there would be no water supply for tomorrow? 3) ‘Waiting for the rain' - Kamakshi Balasubramaniam. Read and understand 1) Have you noticed more than a shadow of cricket player on your TV screen? If yes explain why. 2) A balloon which is filled with Hydrogen gas always goes up, whereas the one filled by us does not. Can you think of a reason for this? 3) Enlist reflecting and non reflecting materials found in your house. VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 Click here to open
10 May 2020 Sun SOCIAL Wish your Mother a Happy Mother's Day. Make a simple greeting card for her to express how much you love and cherish for her. Name Synonyms : Essence of the names given : a) Silappadikaram b) Mamallaburam c) Buddha National Identity Elements : 1) List out any 10 Tiger facts 2) What will happen if tigers vanish from our forests ? 3) Why do poachers hunt animals ? Is it a crime or not ? VIDEO Click here to open
11 May 2020 Mon ENGLISH Write a dialogue between you and a bird after the lockdown. Abbreviation: CBI,OTP,CEO,IIT,GST. Write a "Biography" about yourself with colorful pictures VIDEO Click here to open
12 May 2020 Tue TAMIL 1.Draw the pictures of Aimbootham and write about it. 2.Draw and colour the different types of Land. Tamil Quiz & Puzzle 1.Find these food and cooldrinks(Munna Tamil TV) YouTube. 2.Guess these 10 animals and birds names (Munna Tamil TV) YouTube. 1.Write the place name which ends with patti. 2.Write about Turtle hatchling this year Click here to open
13 May 2020 Wed MATHS 1. The teacher taught 3/5 of a book. Vivek revised 1/5 more on his own. How much does he still have to revise? 2. Ram and Mohan ran a race. Ram covered 210m during which time Mohan covered only 180m. What is the ratio of the distance covered by Mohan to that by Ram? Riddles! 1. How do you go from 98 to 720 using just one letter? 2. What did one math book say to another? 3. Use the numbers 2,3,4,5 and the symbols + and = to make a true equation. 1. Can you solve a magic triangle math puzzle? See the video and learn more. 2. Sudoku for kids! VIDEO VIDEO Click here to open
14 May 2020 Thu SCIENCE 1) Explore your earth day glossary. A) Anthropocene, b) bright green, c) carbon shredder, d) ecodentistry, e) locavore, f) pre-cycling, g) plantarian, f) geo -engineers. 2) If you order food from outside, what are the basic essentials you would like the delivery person to follow in this lockdown? 3) What is the difference between the stem of a rose plant, mango tree and tulsi? 1) List down the members of your immediate family and describe their roles in detail. 2) What not to do when lockdown ends? 3) How did the kings and monarchs travel in the ancient times? 1) Read the sci-fi short story - Fever Dream. 2) is social distancing and how it started? 3) 3) Twist your ear. It's flexible, what do you think it is made of? What other parts of your body is made of similar stuff? VIDEO Click here to open
15 May 2020 Fri SOCIAL 1) Cartoon Drawing : "Lockdown - My four walls". 2) What services you rendered to our government recently ? 3) Prepare Diet chart for this season : 1) Define the natural phenomenas : a) Super cell b) Island's red crabs 2) 'My pet, My world' - Describe 3) Differentiate seal & sealing Develop the followig hints : 1) woman - son died - roamed - bring back life - buddha - mustard seeds - nobody died - went from door to door. 2) Autobiography of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar 3) Elaborate - If we say 'mummy' what comes to your mind. VIDEO Click here to open
Date Day Subject Forenoon Afternoon Evening Video Details
01/05 FRIDAY ENGLISH Set a timetable and utilize your time to the utmost by balancing your activities like studies , playtime , watching Tv and other activities which you undertake.Write how you have planned your holidays keeping in view the above statement . Write an article on the topic "I like summer vacation " Write phrases of given foreign words 1.alumni 2.buffet 3.curry 4.menu 5.bungalow VIDEO Click here to open
02/05 SATURDAY TAMIL உனது தோழனை (அல்லது) தோழியை அலைபேசியில் அழைத்து 2 மணித்துளிகள் பிறமொழி கலப்பின்றி தனித்தமிழில் உரையாடுக நீங்கள் வீட்டில் நாள்தோறும் பயன்படுதும் சொற்களைப் பட்டியலிட்டு அவற்றில் இடம் பெற்றுள்ள பிற மொழிச் சொற்களுக்கு நிகரான தமிழ்ச்சொற்களை அறிந்து எழுதுக #word game #Tamil word #vidugathaigal Click here to open
03/05 SUNDAY MATHS 1. Write 3 situations where maths is applicable to real life.2.Solve :xy-x where x=4 and y=4.3.Represent pictorially 2x2/5=4/5 1.Study about any 2 mathematicians and their inventions .2.Give 5 examples for vertically opposites angles in your surroundings.3.Starting from [-5]x4 , find [-5]x[-6]. 1. Record the heights in cm of your family members and find the mode.2.Toss a coin 50 times and record the data.Find the no of times heads and tails occur in it .3.How many medians and altitudes can a triangle have ? VIDEO Click here to open
,04/05 MONDAY SCIENCE Name 5 food items in each category:carbohydrates , proteins , fats , vitamins and minerals Visit the kitchen ,see what your mummy is preparing for lunch and seggregate the ingredients used Prepare a simple sandwich and surprise your parents.Tips : watch video and do VIDEO Click here to open
05/05 TUESDAY SOCIAL 1, Map is an essential tool for a traveller - why ? 2.Analyse the common alilionsand differences between heterodox religions and vedic religion ?3.Temple artwas at itsbest 3,Temple art was at its best during the Nayak period -Elucidate 1, What are the steps to be taken to protest ourselves from covid-19? 2.Dravidian architecture is of indigenous origin -Explain 3.Draw the convectionalsign and symbols :bridge ,canal ,dam , temple , forestand railway station . 1.Why should we know about the natural disasters? 2.Name four places in India which undergoes land slide ? 3.Write about top ten women achievers of different fields of Tamil nadu? Click here to open
06/05 WEDNESDAY ENGLISH Write the telephonic conversation between you and your friend Abbreviate the following : CCTV ,GST ,I,e , Ltd , NASA. Write 5 sentences using the following adjectives:charming , cruel , fantastic , gentle , perfect. VIDEO Click here to open
07/05 THURSDAY TAMIL உங்கள் பெற்றோரிடம் நீங்கள் அறியாத விளையாடினைக் கேட்டறிந்து அவ்வினையாட்டினை அவர்களோடு விளையாடி மகிழ்க பட்டணத்துப் பறவையும் ஊர்ப பறவையும் பேசுவது போல உரையாடலை எழுதுக தமிழ் பாரம்பரிய மற்றும் அழிந்து போன விளையாட்டுகள் #tamil culture #games #கணையாளி #தமிழ் #homeschool Click here to open
08/05 FRIDAY MATHS 1.Find the perimeter and area of your door at home. 2.Two angles of a triangle are 30 degree and 80 degree .Find the thrid angle .3.Try to identify a few transversals in your surroundings and list out 1.List 5 rational numbers between -1 and 2 .2. By using bar graph represent the no of people affected , cured by covid -19 in any 5 country .3 Write 3 expressions each having 4 terms. 1.Write the activities and time spent in a day in percent .2. State pythagoras theorem .3. Convert 12/16 and 0.05 into percent . VIDEO Click here to open
,09/05 SATURDAY SCIENCE Measure the length ,breadth and height of your bedroom , Tv , almirah , table and cot. Compare what you have measured in handspan. Measure your family members height in cm and convert it into m . VIDEO Click here to open
,10/05 SUNDAY SOCIAL 1.Write about your experience of spending holidays with your parents? 2.Write slogan about save trees. 3.Which continents are the maximun gold and diamond mine found . 1.List out atleast 5 advertisements of products you use? 2.Which world heritage site is presently protected under UNESCO. 3.How do you think your MLA can help improve the hygene and sanitation problem in your area. 1, Write down the names of at least one newspaper from any 10 indian languages. 2. List at least 5 famous buildings and monuments of Tamil Nadu. 3, Draw the ways of washing hands. Click here to open
11/05 MONDAY ENGLISH Draw a family tree showing the members of your family and write a sentence about them . Think and answer : Meeras brother is the father of Aakash , then how is Aakash related to Meera . Write about yourself using the clue given .You can start like"On the first day of school ----------------- Click here to open
12/05 TUESDAY TAMIL தமிழ் விடுகதைகள் ஏதேனும் பத்தினை தயார் செய்து அவற்றினை குடும்ப உறுப்பினர்களிடம் கூறி கண்டறிய சொல்க உங்கள் குடும்பத்தினருடன் வெளியூர் சென்ற தொடர்வண்டி பயணத்திற்கு இணையத்தில் எவ்வாறு முன்பதிவு செய்தீர்கள்? அதன் வழிமுறைகளைக் கேட்டறிக. #Thamizh Saral #விடுகதைகள் #tamil puzzles Click here to open
,13/05 WEDNESDAY MATHS When you multiply a number by 6 and subtract 5 from the product you get 7 .Can you tell what the number is ?2.List 10 rational numbers . 3. Make some symmetrical paper cut designs . 1. Draw any 5 shapes which have both line symmetry and rotational symmetry . 2.Find area and circumference of any 2 circular object from your home . 3.Find5 example where a number is expressed in exponential form Make any 3 [3D objects] by using paper or cardboard . .2.Raj has a collection of cars in which 20 are red cars and 10 are black cars.What is the percentageog cars of each type . 3.Six bowls cost Rupees 90 .What would be the cost of 10 such bowls ? VIDEO Click here to open
,14/05 THURSDAY SCIENCE Explore your house and name the objects[50] that are in solid state. Name some liquids and gases you find in your house.Write its uses Collect waste items ,view video , do and enjoy. VIDEO Click here to open
,15/05 FRIDAY SOCIAL 1. If wheel had not been invented ,what might have been our mode of transport. 2.List out the name and price of 10 essential commodities that used in our day todays life . 3.Write an essay on what is tax ?Why we pay tax ? 1.Why did heterodox religions fail to become mainstream religion in India ? 2.Knowing the road safety rules , how will you influence your parents and relatives ? 3.Howdoes the government use tax for the welfare of the people ? 1.Write popular tales about muvendar . 2.Name two fly overs in your city . Click here to open
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1-May FRIDAY ENGLISH What is the speciality of today? If you were given a chance to honour any 5 professions; Which ones would you choose and why? Which profession are you going to choose and why? Where all do you think children are employed? Write your veiws on child labour in India. Click here to open
2-May SATURDAY TAMIL When you meet your friend after one month........... Write a dialogue writing with at least five utterances between you and your friend Draw a picture depicting your favourite verse of Thirukkural If you were the Chief minister of Tamilnadu what action you will take against the corona spread? (Write an essay) Click here to open
3-May SUNDAY MATHS There is a three digit number. The second digit is four times as big as 3rd digit. While the first digit is three less than second digit. What is the number? Draw the polygon family tree. A square and rectangular field are with measure 60m & 80m have same perimeter. Which fill the large area. Click here to open
4-May MONDAY SCIENCE I Create your own audio QR code file on the topic "Corona awareness" L LAWLIET CHEMIST MURDER MYSTERY To attend world science seminar, A famous chemist from Russia visit  Tokyo(Japan). In the lab, the scientist was killed and his six assistants were under suspicion of killing the chemist. Name of six assistants: Austin, Wayne, Dege, Oscaru, Lingard, and Rojo. He left a note "76-20-44 79-16-22-7" A local detective L Lawliet was called to solve the case, After reading the note, L Lawliet instantly asked the police to arrest the murderers. Who are the murderers? (Hint: Use periodic table) Prepare a flip book showing the different types of motion using the stick figures Click here to open
5-May TUESDAY SCIENCE II 1. Plastics are hazards to environment.. Explain this statement 2.List the strategies for plastic waste management 3.Devise an activity to show that organic waste  are biodegradable while plastic is not. Click here to open
6-May WEDNESDAY SOCIAL 1. Define cantonment area, Port cities and railway towns. 2. Identify the cantonment area existed in Tamil Nadu. Mark it in Tamil Nadu map. During the British period Calcutta was the capital of India: Why did they choose Calcutta as their capital? Who had changed the Capital City from Calcutta to New Delhi? Identify the reasons. 1. How many corporation does Tamil Nadu have? Name them. 2. Differentiate the corporation and the taluk? Click here to open
7-May THURSDAY ENGLISH Play Guessing game with your family by identifying names of countries,cities,characters etc. Write the names of as many food items as possible. List any 5 important events in your life Click here to open
8-May FRIDAY TAMIL Write a poem in tamil on the topic "Summer rain" Write the slogan and prepare flash cards on spreading the corona awareness Play a game with your family members. Write the name of the game and write an essay sharing your experience of playing the game Click here to open
9-May SATURDAY MATHS How many 9's are there between 1 and 100 Draw a mind map on laws of exponents In a toy company it requires 36 machine to produce a car toy in 54 days. How many machine would be require to produce the same machine would be required to produce the same number of car toy in 21 days? Click here to open
10-May SUNDAY SCIENCE I Prepare a power point presentation on the celestial bodies There is a boat with a brick of gold and a brick of iron. Both the blocks are exactly 10 inch in size. If they are dropped into the surrounding water of river.  Which one of the blocks will make the water level higher? (EXPLAIN) Prepare a mother's day greeting with invisible note for your mother using lemon juice and cotton swab. When you hold it up the candle light it reveals the message. What is the science behind it? Experiment it with different juices and find the difference in clarity. Click here to open
11-May MONDAY SCIENCE II 1.It is said that height of the child depends upon the genes inherited from the parents .Are the factors other than genes that causes variation in height? 2.Is a women responsible for birth of female child?  Explain 3.Expand HIV/AIDS . find how to diagnose and write Preventive methods . Click here to open
12-May TUESDAY SOCIAL Name the reformer who eradicate the sati from the society. Why did he do so? Write about the reformer. 1. Identify the social evils prevailed in our Society. 2. Imagine you as a chief minister of Tamil Nadu. what measures will you take to eradicate the social evils. "Three notable women reformers from Tamil Nadu" who fought for the upliftment of women. Who were they? Prepare an information package of them with Pictures. Click here to open
13-May WEDNESDAY MATHS If a box of pen is given to 25 children they will get 2 pens each. How many will eatch get if the number of children is reduce by 10? Make 7 marking of distance 1/4 each on the right of 0 and starting from 0 what does seventh marking represent (Hint: Use number line) Draw the line passing through (2,3) and (3,2). Find the co-ordinate at which this line meet X-axis & Y-axis Click here to open
14-May THURSDAY SCIENCE I Prepare a video presentation on Save electricity You are confined in a room and given two metal rods. Out of these two rods, one is magnet and the other is the iron rod. They look starkly similar. You dont have any other metal object in the room. How will you decide which one of those is magnet? ( EXPLAIN) Make a video on how to prepare the curd. Write the steps in preparing the curd. Write your observation and conclusion Click here to open
15-May FRIDAY SOCIAL Differentiate Quaternary & Quinary with examples and diagrams. 1. Name the raw materials used for the production of notebook and chalk piece? 2. Find the places of their production? 3. Name the Industrial category in which they are made? Name the industrial regions of Tamil Nadu, identify the reason of the their location. Click here to open
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1-May FRIDAY ENGLISH During Summer season, usually we wish to visit cool places. Which hill station do you want to visit? Describe that place in about 100 words. Using all the modal and semi-modal words (can, could, shall, should, will, would, may, might, must, used to , need to, ought to and dare) write a story or an article. Write a dialogue between Shyam and Mohan conversing about the importance of urban life (city) and rural life (village). Write atleat 10 exchanges. Click here to open
2-May SATURDAY TAMIL ka', 'sa', 'da', 'tha', 'pa', 'ra'(Vallinam sorkal). Make use of these as a first letter of the word and write 10 name words and verbs in Tamil Write a poem on the topic "Nature's divine gift" in tamil for 8 lines I have a dream one day. In my dream............... complete the story in your own style Click here to open
3-May SUNDAY MATHS 1. Write the following sets in respective forms. (a) The set of all natural numbers less than 10-----write in setbuilder form & Roster form (b) {x : x is a multiple of 3 , x€N }---- write in descriptive form and roster form. (c) {2, 4 , 6 , 8 , 10 }---write in Descriptive form and Set builder form. (d) The set of all days in a week -----write in Set builder form and Roster form. (e) { ...... -3 , -2 , -1 , 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 , .......... }------write in Descriptive form and Set builder form 2. If x <4 which of the following statements are true? Justify your answers. (i) 2x >8. ( ii ) 2x <6. (iii) 2x <8 3. Match each of the set on the left in the Roster form with the same set on the right described in set-builder form: (i) { 1, 2, 3, 6 } -----(a) { x : x is a prime number and a diviser of 6 } (ii) { 2 , 3 }-------------(b) { x : x is an odd natural number less than 10 } (iii) {M,A,T,H,E,I,C,S}-(c) { x : x is natural number and divisor of 6 } (iv) {1, 3, 5, 7, 9 }---(d) { x : x is a letter of the word MATHEMATICS } Click here to open
4-May MONDAY SCIENCE I How do they work? and write the principle of working of the following: (a) Gears, (b) Seasaw Solve: A group of students are performing an experiment in class using collision carts on a track. An 8.0 kg cart moving to the right at 4.0 m/s hits a 4.0 kg cart moving to the left at 6.0 m/s. Immediately after the collision, the 4.0 kg cart moves to the right at 3.0 m/s. What are the speed and direction of the 8.0 kg cart after the collision? Learn and write: State the Universal law of gravitation and derive it's mathematical expression Click here to open
5-May TUESDAY SCIENCE II Differentiate: 1.Artery and vein 2.systemic circulation and pulmonary circulation 3. systole and diastole Diagram 1. structure of heart 2. cardiac cycle 3. guard cells in turgid and flaccid state Draw a tabular column 1. Mention the antigen and antibody present in the different blood groups. 2. write the structure and functions of each blood cells with the diagram ( Rbc, Wbc and it's types, platelets) Click here to open
6-May WEDNESDAY SOCIAL 1. What Is The Other Name Of a a Tatic of Lighting Strike? 2. When And By Whom Was Followed? 3. Name The Countries Conquered? 4. Rise And Fall of Germany Under Adolf Hitler from 1920 to 1945 A Creative Mind Map -Types Of Farming In India With Features Develop a paragraph by using the given below hints present governor of your state - appointment - term of office - qualification - prevailages Click here to open
7-May THURSDAY ENGLISH What is your ambition? Which profession do you like the most? What is your future plan to achieve your goal. Express this in about 100 words. Read an article from a magazine or read a story from a story book. After reading it, select two pages and write down all the parts of speech of the given words from it. As you are at home, you ought to help your parents. How are you helping your parents? In what ways can you help your parents? Write about those help which you wish to do but haven't done yet. Click here to open
8-May FRIDAY TAMIL When we say Sanga Illakiyam, which Illakiyam comes in your mind? why?-write an essay for one page "Love others as yourself"-compare this sentence with the present situation and write for one page Write any 20 'lagara' sorkal in tamil Click here to open
9-May SATURDAY MATHS1. Let N be the set of natural numbers. define a real valued function f:N---->N by f(x) = 2x+1 using this definition find the following: (a) X = 1; f(1) = ? (b) X = 2; f(2) = ? (c) X = 3; f(3) = ? (d) X = 4; f(4) = ? (e) X = 5; f(5) = ? (f) X = 6; f(6) = ? (g) X = 7; f(7) = ? 2. A hemispherical bowl has a radius of 3.5 cm . what would be the volume of water it would contain? 3. Let 0 degree less than or equal to theta less than or equal to 90 degree . for what values of theta does (i) cos(theta) > sin(theta) (ii) sec(theta) = 2 tan(theta) (iii) sin(theta) > cos(theta) (iv) cosec(theta) = 2 cot(theta) Click here to open
10-May SUNDAY SCIENCE I How do they work? and write the principle of working of the following: (a) Fuse wire, (b) Filament in bulbs Solve: A body emitting sound of frequency 350 Hz is dropped  from a balloon rising vertically upwards with constant velocity 5 m/s. The frequency of sound as felt by the observer in the balloon 2 s after the release is (Velocity of sound in air is 335 m/s; acceleration due to gravity is 10 ms−2). Learn and write: Describe rocket propulsion Click here to open
11-May MONDAY SCIENCE II Give reason : 1. The walls of the left ventricle thicker than the other chambers of the heart 2.When any dry plant material kept in water, they swell up . Name and define the phenomenon involved in this change 3.Membrane bound proteins are called pumps. 4. SA node is called pacemaker of the heart. Mind map 1. Functions of blood 2.Importance of transpiration 3. Functions of lymphatic system. Define 1. osmosis 2. plasmolysis 3.diffusion Flow chart a. conduction of heart beat b. direction of blood flow inside the heart Click here to open
12-May TUESDAY SOCIAL Draw TLC from 1930 to 1950. Explain 1) programme of "lend Lease" 2) Operation Blue 3) Pearl Harbor incident Draw a tabular column based on cropping season duration and cultivating crops in India 1.) list out the uses of maganese. 2.) list out the major states of producing maganese . 3.) refer the map and list out major iron and steel industries of india with location . Click here to open
13-May WEDNESDAY MATHS 1. If A X B = { (p,q) , (p,r) , (m,q) , (m,r) } . find A and B . 2. A medicine capsule is in the shape of a cylinder with two hemispheres stuck to each of its ends. The length of the entire capsule is 14mm and the diameter of the capsule is 5mm. find its surface area 3. Draw a venn diagram for each of the following: (i) (AUB)' (ii) A'nB' (iii) (AnB)' (iv) A'UB' Click here to open
14-May THURSDAY SCIENCE I How do they work? and write the principle of working of the following: (a) Mega phone, (b) Ear trumpet Arrive systematically the IUPAC name of: (a) HCOOH, (b) CH₃CH₂CH₂OH Learn & write: (a) What is an echo? (b) State two conditions necessary for hearing an echo? (c) What are the medical applications of echo? Click here to open
15-May FRIDAY SOCIAL Create maximum number of questions and answer given below caption : Battle of Britain 1940 Rice is a tropical crop and wheat is a temperate crop. Prove with deciding geographical factors Expand GATT and write founder members present number of countries and its primary purposes Click here to open